Giant LED screen rental FAQ

What are the advantages of renting a giant LED screen for my event?

Renting a giant LED screen offers a host of advantages, including enhanced visibility, even in broad daylight, thanks to its high brightness and superior image quality. It also enables audiences to be engaged with dynamic, interactive content, and offers flexibility in terms of size and configuration, adapting the visual experience to the space available.

What types of event are ideal for giant LED screens?
Giant LED screens are suitable for a wide variety of events, such as concerts, festivals, conferences, sporting events, weddings, trade fairs, product launches and political events. They are particularly useful for gatherings where visual impact is crucial to the spectator’s experience.
Can I customize the content displayed on a giant LED screen?
Absolutely. Personalized content is one of the main advantages of LED displays. You can broadcast live videos, presentations, animated graphics, real-time results, tweets and much more. The only limit is your creativity and the resolution of the screen you choose.
What are the technical considerations when renting a giant LED screen?
It’s important to consider screen resolution, which will affect image clarity, as well as screen size, which should match the size of your event and audience. Power requirements, weather conditions (for outdoor events), and ease of installation are also crucial factors.
How difficult is it to install a giant LED screen?
Installing a giant LED screen is a technical process that usually requires a team of professionals. We offer installation and dismantling services. Contact us to find out more.
How much does it cost to rent a giant LED screen?
Rental costs can vary considerably depending on screen size, rental duration, screen quality, and additional services such as installation, dismantling and content creation. It’s best to ask us for a customized quote to obtain an accurate estimate.
Are there any risks to using LED screens outdoors in bad weather?
Modern LED displays are designed to be weather-resistant, and can operate in rain and other adverse weather conditions. However, it’s always best to discuss specific concerns with your supplier.
Is it possible to rent a giant LED screen for long-term use?
Yes, many suppliers offer long-term rental options for customers who need an LED screen over an extended period. This can be a cost-effective solution for recurring events or permanent display needs.
How do you guarantee image quality on a large LED screen?
The key to image quality lies in the resolution of the LED screen. The higher the resolution, the sharper and more detailed the image. Discuss screen specifications with your supplier to ensure they meet the needs of your event.
Can the screen be divided into sections to display different content?
Yes, LED technology allows the screen to be divided into several sections to display different types of content simultaneously. This feature is particularly useful for displaying scores, ads and videos at the same time.
Do giant LED screens consume a lot of energy?
Despite their large size, LED screens are renowned for their energy efficiency compared with other types of giant screens. Their advanced technology reduces energy consumption while delivering high luminosity.

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