Recording graduation ceremonies

RMHpro broadcasts your graduation ceremonies via live streaming

Live-streaming a graduation ceremony helps to expand the audience and allows people to experience the event together.

Why record your ceremony live?

Promotions, graduation ceremonies or public tributes – there are some moments that are made to be shared with as many people as possible. Unfortunately, distance often prevents people from attending. Live recording and streaming is an excellent way to reach those people.

How do we live-stream your ceremony?

For starters, we visit the venue for your event, in order to assess the sound quality and lighting and test our microphones and cameras.

On the big day, we set up the cameras, clip-on microphones, mixing console and control room, in order to record and live-stream your graduation ceremony.

We can also stream the video on your account and your YouTube Live or Facebook Live page. During the stream, we can embed any text or images that you want to display in the video.

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