LED screen rental guide for soccer fans

For soccer fans, nothing beats the experience of watching a match on a giant LED screen. Whether it’s an eagerly awaited cup final or a regular season match, renting a giant LED screen can turn your viewing experience into an unforgettable moment. Here’s a comprehensive guide to help you navigate the world of LED screen rentals for your next big game.

Define Your Vision

Before taking the plunge into renting, determine the scale of the event. How many people are you expecting? Where do you broadcast? A large courtyard, a parking lot, or an indoor space? The answer to these questions will influence the size and type of LED display you need to rent.

Select Screen Size

Size matters when it comes to watching soccer. You want every kick, every save and every goal to be seen effortlessly, no matter where your guests are sitting. Screens generally range from 5 meters to over 20 meters diagonal. For a small family gathering, a 5-10 meter screen might suffice, while a larger community or public event may require the largest formats available.

Understand the Technical Aspects

Resolution is critical – the higher the resolution, the sharper the image. For live events such as soccer, a pixel resolution of P2 to P4.8 (where the number represents the distance in millimeters between pixels) offers a good balance between image quality and cost. Make sure the sound system is up to scratch, too, as the ambience is just as important as the visual experience.

Anticipate Installation

Installing a giant LED screen is no easy task. It requires sufficient space, a supporting structure and a suitable power supply. Make sure that the installation is carried out well before the start of the match to avoid any last-minute hiccups. RMHpro offers installation services in addition to LED screen rental. Contact us to find out more.


Check Outdoor Use Conditions

If your event takes place outdoors, make sure the screen can withstand the weather. Modern LED displays are often water-resistant and designed to operate in a variety of climatic conditions, but it’s always a good idea to check.

Request a Quote

Cost can vary widely depending on size, durability, image quality, and additional services required. It’s essential to get a complete quote that covers all the bases – rental, transport, installation, operation and dismantling. And don’t forget to ask about cancellation or modification policies, in case your event is postponed.

Be prepared for the unexpected

Even with perfect planning, the unexpected can happen. Have a plan B in case of sudden bad weather. This could include tents to protect equipment or an emergency room where the event can be moved.

Comply with regulations

Make sure you comply with local regulations regarding public events, especially if you’re hosting a large viewing party. Permits, safety and respect for neighbors are all aspects that should not be overlooked.

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